Buyers conditions

To bid at Björnssons Auktionskammare you need to register at Auctionet. At you will find the complete buyers conditions. To register klick here.
Preview will take place Monday-Friday 13-17 at Nöbbelövsvägen 100 in Lund.


Comission 25% plus a hammerfee of 80 SEK. Minimum bidding 300 SEK.

Payment and collecting

Items must be payed and collected within 5 days. From day 6 there will be a storagefee of 50 SEK per item and day.
All items can be payed and collected either at Björnssons Auktionskammare or via My pages at Auctionet. We don’t accept American Express and Diners card. Paying by cash is not possible after 2023-01-01.
Via My pages at Auctionet its also possible to book transportation. Information about invoices and transportation can be done at

Privacy policy

To agree to buy or sell at Björnssons Auktionskammare means that the customer also agrees to that our information will be shared with our partner

Sellers conditions

Björnssons Auktionskammare was founded in 1995 by The Björn Björnsson family and is since 2010 led by Mikael Sörensen and his family and is still family-run. Now we also have Auctionet as a partner with over half a million registered customers. Beside the daily online auctions we are holding two Fine Art
Submission Monday-Friday 13-17 at Nöbbelövsvägen 100 in Lund. Its also possible to send pictures to info() for valuation.


Comission 20% (Fine Art and Design-sale 15%) plus a hammerfee of 50 SEK. On jewelry, watches and golditems the commission is only 5% plus a hammerfee of 50 SEK.


Payment will be settled within 20 days (Fine Art and Design-sale 30 days) after the auction, if the buyer has completed his payment.

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