Buyers conditions

To participate at an auction one have to register.

This can be done either at our website or at the auctionhouse.

There are four ways to bid at the auction.

  1. Internet bids can be placed at our website until the auction starts. The bids can not be withdrawn
    but they can be raised. If you bid is leading a green sign apear "You lead".
  2. Written bids may be submitted during the preview and during the auction at the auction house.
  3. Live bidding in the saleroom with your clientno during the auction.
  4. Telephone bids can be ordered unitl the auction starts. The bidder must accept to bid atleast up to 1000 SEK.

Lowest bid 100SEK

Bids are raised as follows:
Bid Raise
100 - 1000kr 50SEK
1000-3000kr 100SEK
3000-5000kr 200SEK
5000-10000kr 500SEK
>10000kr 1000SEK

In the event of equal bids, the first received will have priority.

Björnssons Auktionskammare can not for any reason be held responsible for bids not being executed.

Auction list

The list only gives you a brief information about the objects.
Errors in the list is no due for reclaim. Thats why its important that you examine the objects before the auction.

The estimated price is only a guidance to the buyer.


A commission fee of 22% and hammer fee of 50SEK will be added every purchase.
On lots marked with a (D) there will be an extra fee of 5% if the hammer price
exceeds 2415SEK, accourding to the "Droite de Suite" law.

Payment can be done during the auction, either with cach or card (not American Express and Diners Card). Due to the new swedish banklaw we are no longer admitted to charge creditcards via mail or by phone.

If the goods are to be sent please inform us as soon as possible.

Please note that we can only send smaller objects.

For non-payment within the stipulated time, the item may be resold. Any cost incured hereby
will be charged to the buyer, who also will be blocked from future purchases.

Any reclaim must be done within 10 days after the auction.


Pick-up of purchased items must be done within 3 days after the auction.
Thereafter a fee of 20SEK/lot will be added.

Opening hours the first week after the auction are Monday-wednesday 10-17.


At the monthly auctions there is a Bid-auction at the end of the sale. There is no live bidding in the
saleroom on this part of the auction, only internet bids and written bids.
For more information about the Bid-auction please call or mail us.


Genom att registrera sig som kund för budgivning eller genom att signera
ett inlämningskontrakt för försäljning, godkänner kunden att dennes uppgifter
får hanteras av oss för:
Alla kunduppgifter behandlas konfidentiellt och lämnas aldrig vidare.
Kunden kan närhelst det önskas begära uppgift om vilka personuppgifter
som finns lagrade hos oss.
Kunden kan närhelst det önskas återkalla sitt kundnummer.
Dock är vi skyldiga att spara fakturor samt redovisningar i sju år
efter försäljningstillfället enligt Bokföringslagen.
Kunden kan närhelst det önskas avregistrera sig från våra

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We can receive items for sale Monday to Thursday at 14-17, or by appointment. In the case of all or parts of homes and estates, please contact us to a home visit. There, we go through the housing content in order to find the best solution for you.

Our terms and conditions

Commission is 20% including VAT. (Fine Art & Design 15%) and a hammer fee of 30 SEK per lot. Selling items such as jewelry, watches, etc. levied a 5% commission Payment will be made ten working days (Fine Art & Design 20 days) after the auction via bank transfer. If all items are payed for by the buyers and no consumer complaints have reached us.

Submitted items are insured by Björnsson's in connection with burglary, fire and water damage to a value equivalent exclamation price minus sales fees (commission and hammer fee).

We offer you

Packing and shipping
Emptying and cleaning
To expose all products with images and text on the Internet
Our customer database with both Swedish and international customers
A short statement after the auction
Welcome to us....
Ask us if you have any further questions.

Shipping and Payment

If you want us to send the goods to you.

Let us know by email or phone where you tell us your customer number and where you wish us to send you the gods.

Which objects can we send to you ?

Tiny objects that are not too fragile, no china sets or lots with many items in them.

What fees do we charge ?

We take out an expedition fee of minimum 50SEK / package.

The freight cost as charged by Swedish Postal Service

Freight fees

For freight prices goto


If you pay from outside of Sweden please use Swift.

IBAN SE27 8000 0831 3952 4250 2077
Sparbanken Skåne
Nygatan 1
Box 100
We don't accept credit card over the phone or by email

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